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I’m on a mission to help animal lovers find meaningful work

I’m passionate about animals and this beautiful planet we inhabit. Always have been.

Through the years I’ve contributed my time to a number of local humane societies and national animal welfare organizations. I’ve helped raise funds, written articles, served as educational coordinator, and phone banked, to name just a few roles.

During this time I’ve learned that a lot of work still needs to be done for animals. The issues are numerous – animal homelessness & overpopulation, wildlife poaching & trafficking, marine mammal harvesting, farm animal reform, and animal testing. And this just scratches the surface.

Effecting meaningful change will largely depend on people who dedicate their careers to animals. We need storytellers, advocates, conservationists, fundraisers, policy writers, caregivers, and animal health providers.

That’s where Animal Jobs Digest comes in. I created this site to serve as an information outlet for animal lovers who are searching for their next dream job.

Aside from reading articles on animal career topics and discovering helpful resources, you can also search for animal jobs offered by a variety of organizations. Examples of potential employers include animal protection groups, animal rescues, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation organizations, nature centers, and dogwalking services.



Some of the links and ads pictured on this site are affiliate links, which means I receive a commission when you purchase a product or click a link.

In the case of products specifically recommended in articles & on the resources page, I’ve either had first-hand experience with the resource, or know enough to feel comfortable including it on this page.

I don’t have control over some ads that may appear independently, specifically those originating from an ad network.

Some of these resources may work well for you; others may not be as good a fit. Please research any product, service, or offer before purchasing.

About me

I’m a professional writer, blogger, journalist, and author specializing in animal health & welfare, careers, green issues, and higher education. I’ve written for numerous clients such as Prevention magazine, PetMD.com, One Green Planet, Parrots magazine, ASPCA Animal Watch, Academic Partnerships, and numerous universities. You can learn more about my writing and view my portfolio by visiting my website.



How to contact me

If you’re a reader: Please note, Animal Jobs Digest is a website that lists jobs available at other organizations. I don’t actually do any of the hiring, so please don’t send resumes or ask about available positions. If you have questions about any of the jobs listed, please contact that specific organization.

If you’d like to submit a free job listing: Simply go to the submit job page and enter your information. Once I receive your information, I’ll review it, and if approved it will be posted on the jobs page.

Animal Jobs Digest will post your job opening for free, provided your organization, whether a nonprofit or business, is focused on helping animals and/or the habitats in which they live. Here’s a list to give you an idea of what I mean . . .

  • Legitimate animal sanctuaries, rescues, and shelters
  • Animal welfare and rights organizations. Examples: Born Free USA, ASPCA, National Audubon Society
  • Environmental organizations. Examples: Sierra Club, Conservation International, Rainforest Alliance
  • Animal-themed magazine, book, and blog publishers; but no publications of an exploitative nature
  • For-profit businesses & consulting firms. Examples: Public relations firms with a nonprofit focus, conservation consultants, law firms with an animal rights or environmental protection focus
  • Service businesses. Examples: Dog walkers and groomers, “pet” sitters and daycare
  • Retail businesses. Must not sell any live animals. Examples: Pet supplies stores, animal-themed gift shops
  • Zoos . . . but it depends on the zoo. Several zoos are making great strides in how they house and care for their animals, providing larger, more appropriate space. Some even resemble animal sanctuaries. If you’ve ever seen the spacious North Carolina Zoo’s African exhibit, for example, you know what I mean.

All ads are posted at my discretion.

If you’d like to hire me for your next writing project: Please call 608-332-7775 or email me.

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