Not Getting Job Offers? Several Reasons Why

Owl - get job offers from animal organizations

By Paula Fitzsimmons

Rejection stings, especially when it involves a job you really wanted or thought you’d be perfect for.

It’s essential that you learn to not take rejection personally . . .easier said than done, I know.  But getting turned down for a job isn’t a reflection of who you are or what you have to offer.

For one, you’re competing against dozens and even hundreds of other applicants – one hiring manager at an animal nonprofit recently told me she and her coworkers receive thousands of applications per year.

There are any number of other reasons why you may not be getting your dream job or called back for interviews. I’ve outlined a few of the big ones below.

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Essential Job Skill: Speaking Up for Animals

Essential job skill - speaking up for animals

By Paula Fitzsimmons

If you want a career advocating for animals, you’ll need to get comfortable speaking out for them. Being their voice is an enormous responsibility, and can feel intimidating, but learning a few basic skills can help you speak out effectively . . .without losing your sanity in the process.

Some careers require more advanced communication skills than others – a public relations manager will obviously need to speak out more than an animal caregiver, for instance. Regardless of your position, you’ll need decent communication skills, because you’re representing not only yourself, but an entire organization.

Practicing even one of these tips can make a difference.

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Reach Out to Potential Employers with a Letter of Introduction

Letter of introduction - Use LOI to find animal welfare job

By Paula Fitzsimmons

Searching for a solid way to reach out to potential employers? Consider sending a letter of introduction. As a freelance writer, I use LOIs to reach out to editors and clients, and ultimately land paying gigs. They’re an essential part of the professional freelancer’s arsenal, but they can also be used to land a job in just about any field, including animal welfare and care.

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Are You Making a Good First Impression? Re-evaluating Your Interview Attire

Good impression - zipper

By Paula Fitzsimmons

I know, we’re in this fight to save animals – not to look great. You’re a passionate, skilled worker who can make a real difference. The thing is this . . . potential employers may not be able to see how dazzling you are if you show up for your interview in unprofessional attire.

Even if it’s on a subconscious level, hiring managers are watching how you present yourself. So not paying attention to this seemingly small – but crucial – detail could cost you a job.

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Find the Time (and Energy) to Volunteer

Coyote pup yawning

By Paula Fitzsimmons

If you want to stand apart from other applicants, having volunteer experience on your resume is essential. Look at it from the employer’s perspective: All things being equal, wouldn’t you be more inclined to choose the candidate who took the extra step? Volunteering shows you care – that you’re willing to give your time to something greater than yourself without expecting something in return.

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Fun Career-Boosting Ideas to Try This Summer

Summer plans for animal loversBy Paula Fitzsimmons

It’s the middle of winter. Which makes it the perfect time to start shaping up your summer plans. Whether you’re a student, career changer, or are already working in the field, summertime is the ideal time to pick up a new skill or credential.

Look at the following for ideas on making the most of your summer – both personally and professionally.

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The Best Animal Lover Jobs for 2016 and Beyond?

Red fox in woods - animal careers

By Paula Fitzsimmons

Working for animals is a labor of love. If your career aspirations involve protecting some of this planet’s most defenseless creatures, there’s probably little that can keep you from your goals.

Including job forecasts.

I’m not a huge fan of basing career choices solely on statistics, and here are a few reasons why . . .

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8 Ways for Animal Lovers to Find a Dream Job

Meerkat standing

By Paula Fitzsimmons

Ask ten different people working in the animal care field how they got their job, and you’ll likely get an assortment of replies. There are no right or wrong paths to gainful employment – what works for someone else may not necessarily be ideal for your situation.

Getting hired is sometimes simply the result of great timing, knowing someone who knows someone, and even luck. More often that not, it takes dogged determination and an awareness of which tools to use to your advantage.

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Get That Animal Welfare Job – 8 Ways to Stand Apart From the Pack

African Savanna By Paula Fitzsimmons

If you want an animal welfare organization to hire you, the stuff you bring to their table has to be pretty special. If a company or organization has 50 people applying for the same position – and most of these applicants have similar skills and experience – it’s too easy to be forgotten. You need creative ways to stand out (in a positive way!) from the horde of other applicants, and give your future employer a reason to want to hire you.

The following ideas may not necessarily guarantee you the job, but they may indeed help give you an advantage.

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