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Best Friends Animal Society is looking for a Horse Haven Caregiver to work within a team setting overseeing the health and well being of the animals at the sanctuary. Animals in Horse Haven may include horses, donkeys, mules, sheep, goats and pot bellied pigs.


  • Prepare and deliver daily feed rations
    Monitor eating habits and report any concerns to Team Leader
  • Administering and tracking medication as required
  • Provide clean fresh water to animals
  • Maintain pastures, stalls, and other living areas according to departmental guidelines:
  • Mucking and/or poop scooping pastures and living areas
  • Cleaning and bedding stalls and houses
  • Provide seasonal living area modifications as needed (i.e. shade sails, pools or mud baths in the summer, shoveling snow in the winter)
  • Maintain clean working environment
  • Keep any food prep areas or storage areas clean, organized and stocked with feed, supplies, and hay as needed
  • Unload hay, feed, and supply deliveries at the sanctuary as needed
  • Monitor overall health and behavior of animals, reporting changes/concerns to management and veterinary staff as outlined in the department guidelines
  • Create a healthy and positive living environment for the animals
  • Treat the animals with kindness and respect
  • Provide socialization and enrichment for the animals using techniques laid out in the departmental guidelines
  • Assist in transporting animals as requested
  • Interact with volunteers, interns and visitors; answering questions and promoting Best Friends mission and assisting with their needs
  • Relate to employees, volunteers and visitors in a friendly, informative, and professional manner
  • Take initiative and identify improvements to tasks
  • Be attentive to others needs and willingly assist as required
  • Display a willingness to learn and ask questions
  • Participate in staff meetings and caregiver meetings
  • Attend and participate in any required staff training
  • Use all tools, equipment and vehicles appropriately to keep them from getting damaged or lost
  • Utilize appropriate safety equipment when indicated and always work in a safe and thoughtful manner
  • Maintain a clean and organized working environment
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills & Experience:

  • Previous experience with equines, pot bellied pigs, goats, and sheep preferred
  • Previous experience working with equines with natural horsemanship techniques preferred
  • Demonstrates approachability when dealing with the general public.
  • Experience in interacting with the general public (customer service) preferred
  • Ability to professionally advocate Best Friends Animal Society’s and Horse Haven’s positions on issues
  • Demonstrates ability to create and encourage a positive work environment
  • Strong interpersonal skills, i.e., ability to develop positive relationships with others and demonstrate sensitivity to the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of others
  • Demonstrates personal accountability to ensure that all responsibilities are completed effectively and in a timely manner
  • Accurate, appropriate, clear and concise written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong listening skills
  • Basic computer experience preferred (Microsoft Word, Gmail, etc.)
  • Experience operating  a variety of vehicles (manual and automatic) and pulling a trailer preferred
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and qualify for BFAS insurance
  • Must be willing to work weekends and holidays

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to perform strenuous and repetitive physical activity on a daily basis including but not limited to: shoveling, mucking, poop scooping, lifting, carrying, reaching, stooping, squatting, bending, walking, climbing up and down ladders, and climbing into and out of vehicles
  • Must be able to routinely lift 80 – 100 pounds
  • Must be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from below freezing to about 100 degrees
  • Must be able to work around allergens like hay, dust, and animals

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