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As a primary goal, ACC strives to position ourselves as a strong partner within the community; working with New Yorkers to create and collaborate, promoting animal welfare and the human animal bond. As the driving force behind several key departments and the leader responsible for setting and maintaining the standards for the care of ACC’s animals and the people connected to them, the Senior Manager, Shelter Operations is a key player in keeping our organization focused on these values. With direct oversight of the animal care and client care departments, among others dependent on organizational need and program development, , the senior manager coaches the relevant departmental leaders in collaborative management of all personnel operating within the care centers. Through progressive leadership and a client focused approach, the senior manager sets the tone for a professional but approachable staff where best practices in husbandry and handling, creative approaches to population management, and cooperative relationships are considered non-negotiables.  With up to three direct reports and a leadership team of approximately half a dozen, the senior manager has reach of upwards of 50 employees at any given time. He or she must be equal parts multi-tasking and time management pro, mediator, and negotiator, always working to achieve strategic goals as outlined by the organization.


$70,000.00 yearly

Shelter Operations

  • Coach and oversee operations leadership team in daily management of all onsite staff and volunteers, collaborating with other departments and programs to provide consistent direction where there is overlap.
  • Identify areas of weakness in current programming and develop methods to address, including creating and directly managing pilot projects with potential to become self-sustaining departments, expanding resources and efficacy as part of the development process.
  • Implement and monitor care center programs to meet and exceed the standards of humane animal care and customer service to the animals and the community
  • Effectively direct a variety of departments ensuring the policies, procedures, and daily practice are complementary in ensuring animal inflow, outflow, and daily census are balanced and maintain a system that does not exceed our capacity for care.
  • Work with the medical  and behavior teams to ensure that medical and behavioral needs are identified, animals receive appropriate, timely medical care, treatments, and behavior enrichment and intervention; strategizing to create processes that enhance efficiency and maximize the quality of care.
  • Collaborate with the placement department to establish pathway plans and make decisions about animal outcomes on a daily basis including participation in daily rounds, creation of the at risk list, and driving conversations and decisions relevant to euthanasia.
  • Ensure that safety procedures are followed and OSHA standards met at all times. Take immediate action to correct hazards as needed.
  • Establish annual goals for performance and methods by which to measure progress.
  • Collaborate with partnering organizations to ensure policies and public messaging that effect the animal welfare ecosystem of NYC are beneficial and well understood by all.
  • Help coordinate cross training opportunities between departments as well as shelter wide training to encourage staff engagement and learning across all levels and departments.

Strategic Development

  • Model and promote a staff culture that is friendly and outgoing, collaborative, and free of judgement.
  • Facilitate training to promote staff growth and development, and implementation and adherence to best practices and organizational policy.
  • Assist in training and mentoring management team members across locations to promote consistency between locations and ensure operational expectations and standards are in place.
  • Identify areas of opportunity and growth within the care centers and assist in finding new financial opportunities for implementing new progressive program that keeps ACC as a leader within the animal welfare community.
  • Host meetings and workshops to help creative a collaborative approach across departments to find solutions and program decision making when needed.
  • Identify community engagement opportunities to help establish ACC within the NYC community and build strong relationships within the neighborhoods of the ACC facilities including hosting and/or conducting onsite events such as dog training classes, TNR certification, spay/neuter days, and professional development opportunities.
  • Partner with ACC community outreach staff and volunteers to identify, staff, and represent ACC at community events throughout the borough, promoting ACC’s mission and recruiting volunteers and donors
  • Host tours for guests including elected officials, representatives from foundations or potential grantors, board members, and other VIPs
  • Actively participate in and act as a stellar representative of ACC at a variety of events
  • Manage and adhere to operational budgets. Maintain inventory and direct ordering and monitoring of supplies
  • Plan and schedule maintenance and repair of care center. Act as organizational point person for new construction, renovation, or repair.
  • Actively participate in development of organizational policies, facilitate trainings, and collaborate in other departmental programs and projects including marketing, fundraising, outreach, and volunteer programs.
  • Responsible for emergency on call availability


Ability to excel in a fast-paced, often high stress environment; must be forward thinking and anticipate challenges, responding to them quickly and completely; must be adaptable and receptive to rapidly evolving protocols and able to rally others with an air of excitement and opportunity; treats animals and people with respect, considering all individuals as potential collaborators with something to offer; is an expert communicator; is a people person and a team player; has a passion for learning and is knowledgeable in current animal welfare trends; is organized, detail oriented; able to maintain composure when faced with emotional situations including medically and behaviorally compromised animals; is vocal and enjoys sharing ideas, willing to engage in friendly, professional debate and idea sharing; available to modify schedule as needed to meet the needs of the organization; ability to travel throughout the five boroughs regularly and nationally for training opportunities
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