The following resources have been hand-picked by me. I’ve either had first-hand experience with the resource, or know enough to feel comfortable including it on this page. Please note that some of these resources are affiliate links; which means I receive a commission when you purchase a product. I don’t have control over some ads that may appear independently, specifically those originating from an ad network. Some of these may work for you; others may not be as good a fit. Please research any product, service, or offer before purchasing.




FlexJobs. This fee-based membership site is loaded with flexible jobs – part-time, temporary, flex-time, and telecommuting. As a member, I’m impressed with how they weed out most of the junk – letting you focus on finding legitimate opportunities. (affiliate link)


Animal Jobs Digest Jobs Board. If you’re looking for a job in animal protection, care, welfare, or conservation, you’ll love my board. Listings appearing above the jobs by indeed marker have either been input directly by the organization – or by me, with their permission. Those appearing below the jobs by indeed marker are generated by the Indeed network, based on terms I specify. Indeed is an affiliate, so I may be compensated when you perform searches. This helps defray the costs associated with running this website.




Freelance Writers Den. I can confirm the Den’s value . . . because (as of this writing) I’m a member. For $25.00 a month, you get access to all the bootcamps and training, weekly Den meetings, forums, and a “junk-free job board.” (affiliate link)


Coursera. A platform where you can register for free courses from an assortment of respected colleges, universities, & organizations including The University of Chicago, Brown University, & Caltech. Certificates & special programs are offered for a fee.


ASPCA. Their Working with Animals page lists an assortment of various career paths, including descriptions and resources.


IAP College offers a series of books and courses for those interested in starting pet-related businesses. Each book provides a thorough look at the business, and discusses a wide range of important topics to help you succeed. IAP also offers self-paced pet courses – each course includes the book and a diploma for successfully completing the course.

Their books & courses include Become a Dog Daycare OwnerBecome a Dog WalkerBecome a Pet Hotel OwnerBecome a Pet Sitter, and Become a Pet Spa Owner. (I have test-driven IAP’s courses, but note that these are affiliate links.)


Humane Society Academy. Administered by the Humane Society of the US, the Academy offers courses, webinars, and credentialing programs.


Animal Sheltering. Also under the Humane Society of the US umbrella, Animal Sheltering offers a wealth of resources for staff and volunteers working in some sort of animal rescue capacity.


Books and Ebooks:


Do What You Are. There are different ways to build a career or business around animals. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, lean towards the cerebral or are more hands-on, some jobs may be more suited to your personality than others. This book helps you determine an appropriate career based on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. (affiliate link)


Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement.
As the title suggests, this book explores the ways those of us in our second stage of life can fulfill our dreams while making a living. Some of the ideas include creating an information business, getting paid to travel, and starting a nonprofit – many of which can be translated to an animal-centric job or business. (affiliate link)


The Renaissance Soul: How to Make Your Passions Your Life. Can’t make up your mind whether to advocate for animals, take care of them, or fundraise for a nonprofit? This book shows you that it’s perfectly acceptable to cobble together different careers – and gives you ideas on how to accomplish it. (affiliate link)


Caring about animals shouldn’t hurt. Compassion Fatigue in the Animal-Care Community is designed to help those who work tirelessly for animals. Published by The Humane Society Press. (affiliate link)


Writer’s Digest Shop is a solid place to find Freelance Writing Books, including Writer’s Market, one of the most complete reference book for finding paying markets. I prefer subscribing to the online version of Writer’s Market, simply because it’s updated more frequently. (affiliate link)

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